D&B Business Registers
D&B Business Registers 2017/18

Your opportunity to make thousands of new business contacts with minimal risk!

"Business Registers are my indispensable source of information on all UK Companies. They are my main source of business leads since they give accurate information in a simple and user friendly layout"

Suzy York, Publications UK Ltd


If you want to find new customers easily and gather instant facts about local businesses without the fuss of lengthy research, then choose a D&B Business Register.


D&B Business Registers are available in 38 easy-to-use regional directories each detailing approximately 20,000 businesses in your chosen target area. The entire series provides intelligence on a total of nearly 2 million business locations across the whole of the UK and the Republic of Ireland for less than 1 penny per lead!


Published: June 2017


Business locations are included for entry on the basis that they have:

  • 5+ employees;
  • or turnover in excess of £250,000.

Types of business locations listed include:

  • Commercial and manufacturing company premises;
  • Public and social sector services;
  • Shops & retail outlets;
  • Pubs, restaurants & entertainment outlets;
  • Schools & education facilities and many more.

In addition to available name, address and telephone details for business locations, D&B Business Registers also list:

  • Fax numbers;
  • Head office and branch information;
  • Names of directors, partners or proprietors;
  • Industry sector;
  • Turnover, profit and loss;
  • Number of employees;
  • Net worth;
  • Standard Industrial Classification Code and description;
  • Company registration number.



Each D&B Business Register lists all businesses alphabetically by county and town (except for the 4 London volumes, which list businesses by post code). Entries are further cross-referenced by industry so that you can easily locate sales prospects by line of business.


Minimal Risk with D&B Business Registers!

Records in D&B Business Registers are assigned the unique D&B 'risk indicator'. The D&B 'risk indicator' scores each business from 1-4 with 1=minimal risk and 4=significant risk.  As a leading worldwide business information company specialising in the supply of business information for risk management services, D&B are confident that the D&B 'risk indicator' can be predictive of business success or failure.


12 months prior to failure, 74% of failed businesses are assigned a D&B 'risk indicator' of 4.

Without the intelligence a D&B Business Register brings, do you think you could accurately access the risk of doing business with each new customer or business partner you approach?


Who can benefit from D&B Business Registers:

  • If you are selling in the field or run your own field sales team - the UK and Ireland have been divided into 38 handy directories so you can easily identify the D&B Business Register which covers your county or region. This means you target your efforts effectively without paying for irrelevant business information in areas of the country you never sell to!
  • If you work in telesales - D&B Business Registers offer the opportunity to refresh your prospects lists. Selling into a particular industry? Then simply look up your relevant business sector to gain instant access to a wealth of potential new customers;
  • If you need to evaluate the credit risk of existing or potential customers.

6 Great Reasons to order your D&B Business Registers today:

  • Target the businesses you need and gain instant access to them first time!
  • Prospect sales leads, quickly and cheaply;
  • Qualify leads effectively without the need for expensive market research;
  • Build market knowledge by county or region;
  • Perform competitor analysis - see where your competitors are based and what they are doing!
  • Use the D&B 'risk indicator' to assess business risk for any region of the UK or Ireland in which you are interested.


Select the Region(s) of interest


D&B Business Register Volume 1A: Glasgow


D&B Business Register Volume 1B: South of Scotland


D&B Business Register Volume 2A: Edinburgh


D&B Business Register Volume 2B: North of Scotland


D&B Business Register Volume 3: London: WC, EC, E, N


D&B Business Register Volume 4: London: NW, W


D&B Business Register Volume 5: London: SW, SE


D&B Business Register Volume 6: Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Cumbria, Isle of Man


D&B Business Register Volume 7: Durham, Cleveland, North Yorkshire


D&B Business Register Volume 8: West Yorkshire


D&B Business Register Volume 9: South Yorkshire, East Yorkshire & North East incolnshire


D&B Business Register Volume 10: Lancashire


D&B Business Register Volume 11A: Greater Manchester


D&B Business Register Volume 11B: Liverpool & Merseyside


D&B Business Register Volume 12: Cheshire


D&B Business Register Volume 13: Derbyshire, Staffordshire


D&B Business Register Volume 14: Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire


D&B Business Register Volume 15: Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire


D&B Business Register Volume 16: Birmingham


D&B Business Register Volume 17: West Midlands, Warwickshire


D&B Business Register Volume 18: Shropshire, Hereford & Worcester, Gloucestershire


D&B Business Register Volume 19: Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire


D&B Business Register Volume 20: Norfolk, Suffolk


D&B Business Register Volume 21: Essex


D&B Business Register Volume 22: Middlesex, Buckinghamshire


D&B Business Register Volume 23: Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire


D&B Business Register Volume 24: Surrey


D&B Business Register Volume 25: Kent


D&B Business Register Volume 26: East Sussex, West Sussex


D&B Business Register Volume 27: Hampshire, Isle of Wight


D&B Business Register Volume 28: Somerset, Dorset, Bath & Bristol


D&B Business Register Volume 29: Devon, Cornwall, Isles of Scilly, Channel Islands


D&B Business Register Volume 30A: Cardiff & Swansea


D&B Business Register Volume 30B: Rest of Wales


D&B Business Register Volume 31: Northern Ireland


D&B Business Register: UK complete directories set 35 Volumes