Business Information Searcher (Archive)

Business Information Searcher ceased publication at the end of 2008 largely due to the economic downturn, following 18 successful years.  

BIS was a highly regarded quarterly report for business information professionals, CI and knowledge managers written by acknowledged information professionals.

A large body of work was established over the years and many of the feature articles and editorials contained valuable reviews and gems of information as relevant today as when they were written.  

The issues from 2003 - 2008 are included below as pdf files to encourage access to this valuable archive.  The feature article from each issue is listed to aid selection.


2008 Vol.2     QIN - Opening the Door to China

2008 Vol.1     Turning the Pages (and Corner) on eZines,   Breakingviews – The SAS of Financial Journalism

2007 Vol.4     GYMnastics,   The City Practitioner’s Dream Database –  Euromoney Business Library

2007 Vol.3     Hoovers- Filling a Vacuum

2007 Vol.2     FT.COM - in the Pink

2007 Vol.1     OneSource - the Ultimate Aggregator

2006 Vol.3/4  BvD's Mint

2006 Vol.2     The Last Word on " Knowledge Management"

2006 Vol.1     Russlana and Factiva 2.0

2005 Vol.3/4  Personal Information Management (PIM) Made Easy

2005 Vol.2     The Ideal Online News Service,  Volomonitor - the Internet Gold Miner

2005 Vol.1     Factiva Companies and Executives

2004 Vol.3/4  Copernic Desktop Search- A Life(belt),    MergerMarket MM for M&A .... mmm yes please!

2004 Vol.2     Dialog Newsroom,   Lateral thinking in Information Retrieval - a Concept Searching White Paper

2004 Vol.1     Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Information Units but Did Not Have a Lifetime to Work Out,    Magenta-Prome Colour News

2003 Vol.3/4  Key Business Resources-Direct Marketing,    Alacra - an Information Hypermarket with a Difference

2003 Vol.2     Why Library & Information Services Fail,  Key Business Resources-Company Financials,  Back to School - with BLOOMBERG,  Copernic - the best got better

2003 Vol.1     Key Business Resources,  Kart00- a new dimension in searching?,  Alerting Services: how to
monitor news, companies and markets,  East European Information Sources,  Marketing the Internal Library and Information Service: Part 2,  How to do A “Quick and Dirty” Industry Analysis Using BvD’s Osiris, Factiva’s “Standard” Search Screen – Something to Shout About